Shaheed Kanshi Ram Ji

Shaheed Pandit Kanshi Ram was an Indian revolutionary who, along with Lala Hardayal and Baba Sohan Singh Bhakna was one of the three key members in founding the Ghadar Party. He served as the treasurer of the party from its foundation in 1913 to 1914. In 1914 Pandit Kanshi Ram returned to India as a part of the Indo-German Conspiracy (Ghadar Conspiracy) which attempted to trigger mutinies in the British Indian Army during World War I.

Late Shamsher Singh Josh ji
(Founder of the College)

Late Shamsher Singh Joshi became hardworking leader of his area because of his struggle, raised from the level of common citizen to a hard working leader of the area. He established S.K.R.M. college in 1974 and S.K.R. Physical Education college in 1976 to provide education to the rural students.

  • Shaheed Kanshi Ram Memorial College is an institution of higher learning which is named after the great martyr of Gadhar movement Pandit Kanshi Ram Ji who was hanged on 27th March, 1915 by the British Government.
  • This institution was established by the untiring efforts of Comrade Sardar Shamsher Singh Josh in 1974 with 79 students at village Bhagoo Majra,(Kharar) to pay tribute to this great freedom fighter.
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